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Investment Review April 2021

General Economic Overview – Quarter 1 2021 In the first month of a new year it is relatively common for markets to follow the momentum of the previous year, and 2021 followed this trend. All this quickly changed after the holiday period was over. The end of 2020 saw a...

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Investment Review July 2020

General Economic Overview – Quarter 2 2020 There is no doubt that this quarter has been more positive than quarter one, but it has also been more volatile, particularly towards the end of June when we saw some localised jumps in coronavirus cases, notably in the US....

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Investment Review April 2020

General Economic Overview – Quarter 1 2020 On a number of occasions we have been in the position of commenting on how one quarter’s return has differed sharply from the previous quarter, but the events of the first quarter of 2020 have taken this to another level. The...

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